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ISO Registrations

ISO 9001 ISO 14001

TSE Registrations


Domestic Goods Certifications

Yerli Malı Belgesi Konvertor Yerli Malı Belgesi UPS

Capacity Report

Kapasite Raporu

Industrial Registry Certificate

Sanayi Sicil Belgesi


Certificate of Conformity

Competance Certification of Post-Sales Services

Satış Sonrası Hizmet Yeterlilik Belgesi

Services Competance Certification

Hizmet Yeterlilik Belgesi

Superior Features

  • Over 4000 Units in the field working on the
  • STS system with superior knowledge
  • Uninterruptible power reliability with Static transfer switch
  • 0,5-10kVA Transformer power
  • Lowering the level of leakage current as microamperes
  • Fault detection system
  • 24V loads can be monitored
  • The multiple communication capability between devices
  • Uninterruptible Power and energy reliability
  • Customized panel design
  • Easy and simple installation at place

Usage Areas

  • Intensive care rooms
  • Premature babies’ rooms
  • Angiography control-medical examination rooms
  • Operating rooms
  • Surgery preparation and recovery rooms
  • Anestez Rooms
  • Heart Catheterization rooms

Product Details