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EPC Energy and Power Conversion Systems

EPC Energy and Power Conversion Systems




General Features

Real energy-saving due to high input power factor

Serial communications via RS-232 port

Rack-mount or wall-mount types

Microprocessor or DSP control

ISO 9001 certified company

Clean power load due to low output voltage ripples

Advanced short-circuit protection

Small size and light weight

10-year spare parts availability

LCD panel shows voltage, current and alarm information

LED’s for easy status monitoring



Hi-rect Series consists of economic, environment-friendly, and reliable DC power

supplies that use the resonant converter technology, operating at high frequencies.

They have a high input power factor along with very low output voltage ripples.They

are used extensively for charging lead-acid and nickelcadmium batteries; at telecom

and power distribution sites, or wherever DC power is needed.


Useable Areas:

Telecom systems,

Ni-Cd and Lead,

Acid batteries charger,

Energy distribution stations,

Power stations,

Emergency lighting systems,

Natural gas distribution control stations

DC uninterruptible power systems



Superior Features

  • Over 4000 Units in the field working on the
  • STS system with superior knowledge
  • Uninterruptible power reliability with Static transfer switch
  • 0,5-10kVA Transformer power
  • Lowering the level of leakage current as microamperes
  • Fault detection system
  • 24V loads can be monitored
  • The multiple communication capability between devices
  • Uninterruptible Power and energy reliability
  • Customized panel design
  • Easy and simple installation at place

Usage Areas

  • Intensive care rooms
  • Premature babies’ rooms
  • Angiography control-medical examination rooms
  • Operating rooms
  • Surgery preparation and recovery rooms
  • Anestez Rooms
  • Heart Catheterization rooms

Product Details