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EPC Energy and Power Conversion Systems

EPC Energy and Power Conversion Systems

Industrial and Customer-Specific Solutions

EPC Energy, will consist of changes in the electric power supplied to your business instant, short-term interruptions of veal to avoid damage to your system and select products with a holistic approach to work with maximum performance. Nowadays, power electronics applications have become widespread. Effective power electronics in all industrial applications that require the control of electric power systems are used in typical applications.
Using an Uninterruptible Power Supply is the most appropriate solution to supply the critical loads with a stable voltage and current form.
Rectifiers, is another important application that allows you to charge the battery with a constant voltage and a current which can be controlled.
Inverters is used to produce AC power from different voltage and frequency of DC power, Frequency Converters to meet the energy requirements in different frequency, DC / DC converters for obtaining DC in different values and trends from your existing DC source and to adjust the speed of AC / DC motor we can count the speed control systems and Surge-Suppresiors which protect systems from the high voltage and the energy coming from the network.

Superior Features

  • Over 4000 Units in the field working on the
  • STS system with superior knowledge
  • Uninterruptible power reliability with Static transfer switch
  • 0,5-10kVA Transformer power
  • Lowering the level of leakage current as microamperes
  • Fault detection system
  • 24V loads can be monitored
  • The multiple communication capability between devices
  • Uninterruptible Power and energy reliability
  • Customized panel design
  • Easy and simple installation at place

Usage Areas

  • Intensive care rooms
  • Premature babies’ rooms
  • Angiography control-medical examination rooms
  • Operating rooms
  • Surgery preparation and recovery rooms
  • Anestez Rooms
  • Heart Catheterization rooms

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