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EPC Energy and Power Conversion Systems

EPC Energy and Power Conversion Systems

Renewable Energy Systems

Sun will be one of the most important energy source in the future as well as wind energy today. EPC Energy is one of the main activities are these energy sources are also very important in terms of environmental. Global warming and reduction in fossil resources, has led to other factors come to the forefront of renewable energy sources. Therefore, developed and less developed countries, has already accelerated its investment and research into renewable energy sources and technologies.
Our country attaches great importance to these investments, the company that produces the major tasks and responsibilities in this regard falls to engineering solutions. The future of our world is directly related to the correct and active use of renewable energy sources. Our environmentally conscious organization which is working actively in this field. Wind and solar energy production, the system is related to its use in the production and marketing of our priorities.

Superior Features

  • Over 4000 Units in the field working on the
  • STS system with superior knowledge
  • Uninterruptible power reliability with Static transfer switch
  • 0,5-10kVA Transformer power
  • Lowering the level of leakage current as microamperes
  • Fault detection system
  • 24V loads can be monitored
  • The multiple communication capability between devices
  • Uninterruptible Power and energy reliability
  • Customized panel design
  • Easy and simple installation at place

Usage Areas

  • Intensive care rooms
  • Premature babies’ rooms
  • Angiography control-medical examination rooms
  • Operating rooms
  • Surgery preparation and recovery rooms
  • Anestez Rooms
  • Heart Catheterization rooms

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